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Tag: Journalism

Short Story: Room 7

He’d done this all before. He’d talk to the girls and boys, fathers and mothers. He’d get what he could and he’d eat them up. Like I said, he wasn’t a person and he was not human. He was something else. It was something much simpler than that

Poem: Maybe Later

The crack in the walls made me visible again
In disbelief of it all, he was there

The lights were on, the camera rolling
You held it right where I was

2016 Screams

My diary from 2016 is one of the most disruptively sorrowful journals, filled with entries dedicated to fear.

Arc Hives

Not a spirit in the forest, nor a cloud in the sky
knows the words that blooms inside…

Can I read it?

the narratives from inside these horrifying little books is disturbing…even to myself.