Room 7


In a town with too many hills, where brain pain is known to kill
There is a special man with very special pills
He will sit you down & insist you explain
Your brain pain, he can give it a name
Dr. Black with his silver pen
Can put those dark thoughts into a dim lit den

“Take one of the seats here miss, I’m sure we can help you over on this side.” Dr. Black said in a slight whisper, as not to attract any attention to himself. The waiting room in the psychotropic emergency center stood oddly packed, but Dr. Black only had time for a certain patient this night.
Susan Handsome. Susan Handsome had a serious mental history, borderline personality, bipolar disorder, accompanied by frequent fits of rage and delusion. She was there that night because she was convinced her cat had been stuck in a tree, and she kept calling the fire department. She did this repeatedly until taken to the emergency room and handcuffed to a chair in the waiting room for psychotherapy. This was not her first visit.

“Maybe if you un-handcuffed me, Doctor, I could perform this task you so creepily ask of me.”
“Well I suppose that would be helpful to you Ms. Handsome, but first look this way, towards my pen…” Dr. Black took a silver shining pen out of his pocket and waved it in front of her eyes until she was completely enthralled, and he jammed a two-inch needle into her thigh.

Welcome Susan, to cellophane town
Take off your shoes, I’ll give you a gown
And don’t you make a sound
Or I’ll jab you again
And you’ll hate the taste of my silver pen

“Ahh! you fucker, what the hell is- “and that was lights out for Susan Handsome.
Dr. Black swiftly un-cuffed the woman, picked her up and took her to patient room number seven, laid her down on the cot in the single room, and proceeded to go about his list through the waiting room. It took him hours to return to her.

You see Susan had been here multiple times, for a variety of different things. She once spent a month in room number seven because she believed she was drowning and began to wonder why it was taking so long to die. Although she was aware she was in a room breathing air, she never believed she was not drowning.

Another time, about two years ago, she worked there as a janitor for a week, proceeding a check-up, with-out anyone noticing until a missing person’s report was filed. Dr. Black became infatuated by her and her illness. He stayed up with her for hours talking as if everything was normal when she was in her most intense fits of delusion. She often suffered memory loss from the strong medications and intensive hypnotherapy she was administered on a regular basis, so Susan often forgot most; if not all the time she spent with Doctor Black.

However, Dr. Black did not approve of the care administered by his colleagues to Ms. Susan Handsome, and therefore did what he could to treat her privately.

In his office, on the thirteenth floor,
Dr. Black has jars, galore
Don’t’ learn his first name, or you will be sure
To be the next jar on the shelf on the thirteenth floor
Out of his pocket, he takes out a large syringe
With red liquid and his silver pen
He mutters some words with an inhuman sound
To put Mrs. Handsome to the ground
The ink in his pen, a cold onyx black
He marks a jar and takes it off the rack
Back in room number seven, on the second floor
He doesn’t knock, but simply opens the door
There lies Susan Handsome, in fact
Dead asleep with no clue she’ll be put on that rack
Months in the making, years on his list
With a single kiss and a prick of her wrist

“Haven’t you missed me dear? …I have missed you.” With his goodies in his pockets, Susan Handsome comes back to life. Confused and uncertain, but still with a spark of something special. Something Dr. Black wanted all for himself.
“Dr. Black, I don’t quite understand what is going on here!” she screamed, with tears in her eyes.

“I just know I’ve been here before! But I can’t remember a damn thing! And I know I’ve seen you before! I know very well what I feel like I’m in a familiar place with familiar people…I just do not understand. I miss my cat, he got stuck in a tree and the firemen took me here.”

“AHAHA.” Dr. Black could not help but laugh, you see, he was not a good person, and really… he wasn’t even a person.

You see, what was happening here in Cellophane Town, was something of a conspiracy. This was not in the least Dr. Black’s fault. He was just drawn to these sorts of places, and things. He had quite the knack for winding up where evil and misery lived. This was the very nature of his being. On this side of the city, in this shitty town, where an entire section of a medical hospital dedicated to psychosis, something wasn’t right. The fact that everyone was off his or her rocker did not help in solving the problem, just added to the oblivion.

There was something in the water, something in the sperm. Nothing here made sense, not in the slightest. People killed themselves, they killed each other, killed their brain cells, hopes and dreams. No one knew why and Dr. Black sure didn’t give a fuck about that. He had his own agenda.

He’d done this all before. He’d talk to the girls and boys, fathers and mothers. He’d get what he could, and he’d eat them up. Like I said, he wasn’t a person and he was not human. He was something else. It was something much simpler than that. A certain something far more frightening. Dr. Black fed off just that, black. Doing anything he can, administering anything or any substance he could, to get the satisfaction he needed.
What his co-workers did made them forget, but he needed them to know.
So, he spoke to Susan softly as his pockets started to glow…

“You see my Dear you must give me your arm
I promise, I mean you no harm
Susan, your mind is lost, and there are memories you lack
If you relax a minute, I can bring it all back
We can talk like old friends, you said you don’t remember
But you will, and it will taste like our last December”

“OK, that’s fine with me. This reality is fucked, and you just rhymed in your speech. That makes me want to trust you. Oh, and I am quite interested as to why your pocket is glowing.” She kept her eyes fixed on that pocket, half hypnotized. She wasn’t totally gone yet, Susan was young and tough. Something terrible happened to Susan to cause her reality to shatter. The doctors had only made this fracture worse. Instead of getting to the root of the problem and sucking out its poison, they stuffed the wound with drugs and shiny objects…not much different from what Dr. Black had to do to reverse this.

Dr. Black loosened his tie and took several steps closer to Susan. His thick rubber heeled boots squeaked on the tile floor and made Susan cringe. “Open your mouth and swallow this,” he demanded, so she obeyed. It was a grey chalky oval with an L imprinted on one side, and peculiar symbol on the other.
“I hate the taste of this… it’s gross and reminds me…of something.” She began to weep and wail as she chocked on the taste. Shiver and cry.

“Of some …time perhaps?”
“I don’t- I don’t know!” she bawled, tears pouring down her face in an array of beautifully desperate expressions, Black loved this. He loved her, and he loved her pain. The way she did scream, pleased him deeply. He was joyed by moments such as these. And when she would remember the things that lived in the darkest corners of herself …he enjoyed that the most. The chaos of confusion, the damp despair of realities cold touch.

As the pill dissolved and coursed through her veins, Susan’s eyes went black and rolled into the back of her head. After a few moments of seizing, her eyes rolled forward again, and she became coherent.

“Now THAT’S some good stuff you got there, buddy, what…what is it?!” she desired an answer. Her cloudy eyes begged for it, she was high off her ass and just had to know why. This high was familiar and ever filled with pleasures unknown to her in life’s cruelty.

“You don’t remember? You’ve had it many times…at least seven.” Dr. Black replied, with a far from genuine tone in his voice.
She took a gander around the room, studying what seemed to be Black’s certain state of grandeur.

Deep breaths, a wave to forget, regret
What was it he had hanging over her head?
A contrivance to tie her to his trance
So, what is a girl to do? But take the words and drugs he’s handed as true?
No reply, just the wink of an eye
Susan Handsome would not care if she died
Let alone if a few memories are fried
Dr. Black bottled the memories of her liquified mind, and carefully placed her jar upon his rack. Susan was nothing more than an artifact. Dr. Black, wearing white, sat at his desk with a smirk of delight. Susan’s suffering, now quiet and contained. It was time for the Dr. to change his name. Again.
In a gown and filled with pills, pain’s drained and drilled
There is a special man with very special wills
He will eat you up & insist you refrain
From speaking his name, so he can stay the same
Dr. Black with his silver pen
Can put those dark thoughts into a dim lit den