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Ballad Of…

Intro: This is a special little ditty about how I’ve felt about myself from time-to-time, and as we go along you’ll see why I’ve felt these ways about myself once I’ve revealed how I feel about the folks who raised me.


No one can possess me
No one can caress me
I can hardly dress me
I’m a piece of shit

Everyone patrols me
they try but can’t console me
No one can control me
I’m a piece of shit

All they do is try me
constantly lie
Then cry to me
never do they once supply me
You’re a piece of shit

Everybody tries to hurt me
I’d rather they just fucking desert me
Not a single one deserves me
I’m a piece of shit

No one ever fucking consults me
They put me in their cult and control me
This is all so damn insulting
I’m a piece of shit

All the pain starts to eat me
I wish they could, but they cannot reach me
I’ll lie down and let them beat me
Because I’m a piece of shit

All I ever wanted just leaves me
my sieves start to be and bleed me
And you don’t even fucking believe me
I am a piece of shit

With my mind I can control this
Become a better person I know this
I’d rather just get high and blow it
I’m a piece of shit

My friends and family tried to tell me
I got fucked up and they fucking expelled me
because the football team tried to rail me
I’m a piece of shit

When I talk it’s like they don’t hear me?
In their eyes I see they fear me
I just wished they’d drink beer with me
I’m a piece of shit

In this box I’m going crazy
Reality is getting hazy
or maybe I’m just fucking lazy
I’m a piece of shit

I’m so goddamn poor is scares me
I wish somebody would have prepared me
Now every move I make scares me
I’m a piece of shit

No one gets the shit I’m saying
They think that I’m fucking playing
Till I’m going Super Saiyan
Like a piece of shit

I think that I watch too many movies
because nothing they do will amuse me
I’m lighting up too many doobies
I’m a piece of shit

Wearing flannels, you know that I wanna
Blow my face off you know that I’m gonna
But first ill start a band and call it Nirvana
I’m a piece of shit

Because the rape charges I can’t find a spouse
I lived too long in a flooded house
So, I started a band called Modest Mouse
Like a piece of shit

There is so much that I have to learn
I spend my time watching it all burn
Maybe today it’ll be my turn
To be a piece of shit

All my life I’ve felt secluded
Possibly just lost and deluded
Cause of all drugs I didn’t know they could shoot it
I’m a piece of shit

In the end it’s just me and my shot gun
Trigger happy in a blood rage it’s so fun
Won’t stop until my own guts run
I’m a piece of shit

Now I’m feeling totally violent
I wish I would have just stayed silent
Now I’m hearing all these sirens
I’m a piece of shit

I feel suicidal, and I’m starting to panic
starting to wonder how I got so manic
The illuminati obviously planned this
What pieces of shit

I’m throwing up my blood and my vile
Face flat on a bathroom tile
what’s that number you’re supposed to dial…
I’m a piece of shit

I died a piece of shit.
I died a piece of shit.
I died a piece of shit.


In a grave they should’ve laid me but
instead they saved and betrayed me
All of it just seems so shady
You’re a piece of shit

Went to a motel and died in the lobby
Woke up inside a fervid minded body
Now writing failure is my favorite hobby
Fuck all your stupid shit

I said it’s time to go and you stayed there
You’ve got dandruff building up on your leg hair
So, turned my back on weak ass blank stare
Piece of lazy shit

Your psychosis takes the form of a shit song
We all wish you would give up cause sounds wrong
Just to deal you gotta hit at least ten bongs
Untalented fuck up shit

You’re dirty, smelly, fat and rejected
Go back to the streets where that’s shit’s accepted
All your words are lies and projections
You, stupid piece of shit

Just kidding I’m just crazy, dangerous and addicted
To getting off on all the pain I’ve inflicted
I just can’t believe that I am this gifted
Who’s the real piece of shit
You cry inside your pink little casket
All the things you say are child’s racket
I wanna hold your hand but I’d smash it
Brainwashed a piece shit

You know so much, and we are so impressed
Being in the presence of a genius, I’m so blessed
From all the success I’m forming an abscess
Every time I shit

You can do anything, yet you’re certified
But if you didn’t fail all your dreams will have been defied
Because you covet checks from the crucified
Bitch ass piece of shit

As a snake I’m controlled by a particular venom
That generates lies, fake memories and I share them
I gotta spot you on this next order of kratom
Am I a piece of shit?

You only love your cupcakes, burgers, and show tunes
But nothing else due to never leaving your bedroom
Sitting back watching your life get lovingly consumed
By a piece of shit

God gave you the gift of his golden knowledge
Your gaslights shine so bright, why even bother going to college?
Two-dollars bills under your bed, a fortune in bondage
You’re Gods piece of shit

Protecting your kin is your favorite excuse
For all the damage, dirt, but never the abuse
We love you most for always telling the full truth
Lying piece of shit

There used to me another just like me
In a paradise turned hell by a piney
This isn’t true cause I have so many fake memories
Departed pieces of shit

24 years of make believe and sexually active
Taken advantage of cause you’re attractive and passive
The developmental pause is so massive
But that’s normal shit

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