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DAYS ( I wrote this about nine years ago now but I still think it’s worth sharing despite its age. 19 year old me was a whole other animal)

You are telling me it’s too dark to search for light

You’ve been up for days and don’t feel right


The days are cold

And the nights pitch black

Their screaming is so loud

But you can’t look back


And the girl down the street has a soul made of clay

Every word you write, believe she will say

Fearing the thoughts of personalities frayed

When I leave this place

Will I wish I had stayed?


And that boy with the eyes that cut you true

Be couldn’t tell, but listened

Is he in love with you?

I could run all month till my knees bend weak

Till my veins collapse

And this world is too bleak


My finger tips have rotted grey

From the ink

That was left to sink and seep for days


I wrote you a letter drenched in my love

Tears and smears for years- It’s long


So, I wrote you a song that I can’t stop singing

And if you’re bleeding from the ears

Why isn’t my phone ringing?

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