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Someone Else

(I feel like) Someone Else


I used to think everything I ever felt

Is out there being said better by somebody else

Like I love my husband, but a little more when he’s my wife

And no one else can speak to me the way he does at night

Or that I’m haunted when it’s dark but it’s my favorite place to be

Cause I can’t see the way the fear in me bleeds

That I miss my friends living where living fucking ends

I miss my dead friends my dead friends


And if you’re not dead I miss you still too

Because you’re someone else when sun sheds its light on you

I’m unstable like the rest but I can’t get it off my chest

Because I cut it out and left it all where I forget

That someone else already said this better than me

Someone else

I wrote this earlier today after hearing an artist that really inspired me. I literally wrote this just before I go into the shower today.

I honestly have been feeling like someone else recently, like I don’t trust myself or anybody else. Like I don’t know who I love or why, like when I lay down at night it all either melts away or seeps inside. I feel confused about my life.

And everyday I’m growing more and more tired, just sick and tired of trying to express my confusion and make sense of it all. In my life, my art has always made more sense than me. That is one thing I’m not confused about.

P.S. I’m an intolerable clothes hoarder, behold.

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